Laura, 15. I love film, music, photography and TV.
I'm an aspiring filmmaker, trying to learn and watch as much as possible.
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  • Margarita was great as always. 
  • The beach was fantastic.
  • Also, I started reading a book about Pink Floyd (which is AMAZING) and I saw Amélie for the first time (beautiful movie).
  • Finally, I want to thank Eve for the pictures of Peter O’Toole in Venezuela (well one is in Peru but I’m sure the other ones are here) and Steve for a little sweet mention.
  • And HI TUMBLR!

  1. spentmydays said: Que bien que la pasaste bien! :D siempre que escucho de ti es cuando estas o te fuiste de vacaciones xD
  2. yasujiroozu said: Welcome back!
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